The Not Knowing Leaders

In Leadership Development programs, we often encourage leaders to be more “Coach-like” in their interactions. Meaning to not simply provide an answer or direction but to be curious, dig deeper and to have people come up with their own answers as much as possible. This approach creates challenges for a lot of leaders for many…

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Hit the Pause Button

An under-used communication device is the Pause. Try adding several of these to your day and see what changes. You may experience more effective communication. What’s the Pause Button You know the pause button on your musical or video devices as you use them all the time. Well, amazing as it might seem, there is…

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Time Manage Your Way Out of This

Rosalie Boulter, Paradigm Shifters  It’s happened again. I’ve met with a client where one of the subjects was time management which then gets into workload management and here come the feelings of inadequacy and incompetence. Sure, there are tons of ways in which we can structure our time and energy in more effective ways. We…

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