Pleasing or Serving

Are you Pleasing yourself and others or are you Serving? To please or to serve, that is the question. I first read about this concept in Steve Chandler’s book “Crazy Good” where he talks about the difference between Pleasing and Serving. I find this a very powerful distinction.    People Pleasing You may think this only…

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Conflicting Messages

Conflicting Messages Abound

What Dominates in a Conflicting Messages Conflict? Remember from Grade School: “When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking, and says its own name.” (It isn’t always true – nothing is.) Conflicting messages are like that. I’ve been wondering about when two opposing messages go walking together, which one does the talking.…

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Hit the Pause Button

An under-used communication device is the Pause. Try adding several of these to your day and see what changes. You may experience more effective communication. What’s the Pause Button You know the pause button on your musical or video devices as you use them all the time. Well, amazing as it might seem, there is…

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Advancement / Development Weekend 2016

A great opportunity for increasing your business and personal performance. This is a 3-day experiential retreat in April 2016 in the Denver, Colorado vicinity. Get an energy, engagement and commitment booster for your team. Elevate your business to the next level. This is what you are going to take away from this inspiring retreat: +…

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How Good Assumptions Can Turn Bad

Leadership involves making a lot of judgment calls. You are your team’s decision maker and driver. You create a positive work environment, and you supply the tools and resources your team members need to do their jobs. As a result, when faced with a challenge of any kind, you’re going to have to find a…

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